Home Remodeling Pitfalls

Home remodeling can add function, beauty and value if it’s done the right way. Here are some tips on how to avoid making the wrong choices and spending too much money.

Many people have heard horror stories of home owners sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into a home remodeling project, only to end up eating the cost in the resale of the home. Avoid the most common remodeling mistakes by making smart, informed choices, such as the ones listed here.

Breaking the Bank

A remodel doesn’t have to cost the world to be a positive change in the home. More expensive does not necessarily mean better when it comes to appliances, flooring, cabinets and counter-tops. Set a spending limit for each item on the list. Do the research to compare products with at least three other choices and buy smart, not expensive. If a contractor or designer insists on the purchase of certain brands or products, find someone else to do the job.

Poor Planning

Just because the stove is where it is before the remodel doesn’t mean it has to stay in the same place if it’s not efficient design. For instance, is the fridge too far from the working counter space? If so, carefully draft a plan to move it to be more functional.

Being Short-sighted

Be realistic when it comes to the style and the function of the space. Bright orange counter-tops and blue cabinets may seem “fun” right now, but if the house is ever on the market for resale, buyers probably won’t have the same opinion. Also, designing features especially for children does not make long-term sense, because they will grow up and move on. It makes better sense to think about ergonomic features, such as wider hallways, raised cabinets and appliances or handicapped accessible showers for future use.

Being Unrealistic About Function

A home owner who doesn’t cook should not invest in professional grade appliances on the premise that the next person who owns the home will be a professional chef. A $250 microwave works just as well as a $7,000 professional range to heat up frozen lasagna or fish sticks, and will be much cheaper to repair if one of the kids accidentally melts a plastic toy in it.

Spending Too Much Money

A home owner will never recover the cost of a $90,000 remodeling job in a $250,000 home. It’s just not realistic. On the other hand, a $25,000 remodel is right in line with what experts suggest, which is about a 10-15% investment relative to the current resale value of the home.

Creating an Architectural Anomaly

A sleek, modern looking space inside of a traditional decorated four-square colonial will look like a purple cow. Remodeling should result in an improved version of what already exists, not a futuristic parody. Consider the spaces that aren’t being remodeled as much as the space that is being remodeled to create consistency and avoid changing the architectural integrity of the home too much.

Good planning and realistic goals can help a homeowner avoid many of these renovation pitfalls for a successful, and ultimately lucrative, home remodeling.

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Electric Knife Buying Advice

Electric knives are not appliances that you most people use often. However, if you find that you grill or roast chicken, pork, beef or turkey often or occasionally filet fish, it may be something that you should really consider having in your kitchen. The knives will aid you in cutting the right sizes of meat. In addition to cutting meat, this one of a kind device can be used to remove corn from the cobs as well as chop onions, fresh bread and tomatoes with great efficiency. However before you purchase an electric carver/ knife, there are some information that you ought to arm yourself with.

fishing guide lake forkThe first thing you should know is that there are several types of the electric knives. However the most widely used types are the cordless and corded knives. They are different in their capabilities and you should therefore consider your needs before choosing a type. The cord powered electric knife requires an electrical outlet in order to run. You therefore cannot use then in places that you do not have access to the electricity. On the other hand, cordless knives only require a battery to operate. This allows you to use it in camping trips, at the dining table and anywhere else you find use for it. However, given the fact that it is battery powered, the amounts of meat that you can cut through is reduced due to the limited charge that batteries provide.

If you settle on the corded type, it is paramount that you check on the cord length. It should not be too long to hinder you from cutting neither should they be too short. If you however prefer the cordless knives, rechargeable batteries are the best choice as they will save you on money since they last longer.

Like any other knife, the handle is a very important part as it provides you with a firm and comfortable grip. There are slender as well as bulky handles in the market. The handle that you choose should enable you to easily use the knife as well as operate the button meant to control the knife all in one hand. The cordless knives are best in this than the corded knives.

In addition, consider the blade of the knife. Most models have serrated blades that are made of steel which make them strong and sturdy. The blades are usually detachable to enable you to clean them properly. For efficiency in cutting however, choose blades that are at least 8-9” long. They also make maneuvering in the meat an easier process during cutting.

Last but not least, consider the durability of the knife. Buy one that offers you warranty. In addition, you should check the blades to ensure that they are non-corrosive as well as durable since they are going to be put in use regularly.

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What is the purpose for a wireless router

Have you ever heard of a wireless router or perhaps you want to set up a wireless internet connection and you want to know what to use? A wireless router is a very essential piece of networking equipment and arguably the most important piece of computer device in your home, office or in any of your business premises. A router or a wireless router for that matter is the gadget that aids in the connection of your gadgets to the rest of the network as well as to the internet. Essentially, a wireless router acts first as a router then as a wireless access point and additionally as a network switch. Therefore if you are intending to set up a wireless network or an internet hotspot, then one of the most important equipment or gadgets that will offer you a great solution is a wireless router.

The function of a wireless router simply is to enable one access the internet or a network within a particular radius without the use of wires. It basically connects computers within a particular local area network without the use of cables while at the same time allowing computers within that network to use the internet simultaneously. Therefore the primary purpose of a wireless router is to forward information from one wireless network station to another thus connecting you to the internet.

In order to make use of a wireless router, you need to own a computer with a built in wireless card or an internet adapter that helps to connect your computer to the routers wireless’s signal. The router is made in such a way that it will help you to connect to the internet by determining most suitable, efficient as well as the fastest route within the network. Besides a wireless router offering a wireless access for sending and receiving information over your network, they also provide safety or an additional level of security in the network as they are programmed to check the validity of the incoming data by looking inside the incoming information hence accepting or blocking harmful information such as viruses.

Basically, a wireless router is used to offer wireless internet connection to wireless enabled gadgets and devices such as computers and laptops, gaming consoles,making VoIP calls as well as to facilitate the connection of digital television. Its principle of operation is similar to the way a hard wired router operates but instead allows for easy mobility of the portable computers or notebooks while connected to internet.

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